Snow in May!

So I am told this will make the flowers pretty etc etc., but we don’t need snow in MAY! I have sold more books this month too.  I am still selling ‘Guy at the Bar’ for Kindle on Amazon.  Another sale yesterday! Yes I know, it’s still less than twenty sales total, but it is very exciting to me.  I love writing and the fact that someone is reading my little stories makes me very happy. Watch out for the last chapter of my current story.  Hoping to post it this weekend….then a break before ‘Flat Country Snow’.


2 thoughts on “Snow in May!

  1. Congrats, Sandra!!! ❤

    I'm very happy for you :3 Sorry I haven't been keeping up with your blog lately; been trying to get my new horror story rolling… managed to finish the prologue and chapter 1 so far ^^

    Keep going! You can do it!

    — Gally

    • I saw you had a new post, I will check it out this weekend, unfortunately I have such a crazy daytime job, its hard to get too much done in the evening. Keep writing, I have ideas how we can help each other.

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