Author University

No writing tomorrow, I am going to meet with a group of budding authors.  I am hoping to get help and advice on how to get everyone hooked on my stories. Maybe I can get an independent opinion as to whether or not they are any good. Do I give up? Do I continue? Check in over the weekend and I will let you know how I got on.  I know you all want to see me succeed!  I will also be posting chapter four of the story without a name over the next couple of days. I know a lot of you are checking in for that so I hope you are enjoying it.  My little band of readers.  I thank you!

3 thoughts on “Author University

  1. Good Luck Sandra!! Really routing for ya here xx Ive been offline for a while, have started your artwork and hope to get it finished soon.
    Big hugs coming over from the UK to Colorado, right now..mwah!! xx

  2. Oh and I have posted a link to your website to one of my friends who also writes books and is a Life Coach. Shes promised to take a look when she gets time xx

    • Thanks for all your help ans support, hoping to get back to the UK next year…….maybe we can all get together in one Hotel. Adele and everyone and we can catch up and party. I trhink sometime around June of next year. Joanna is coming too. Small family reunion!!!!!

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