Blackpool Tower Zoo – Back in the Day

The Zoo

It occurred to me that although I had heard lots of stories about the Zoo at the bottom of Blackpool Tower, I had never seen it.  I have not looked at the history, but from the photos I found on the internet, it looks like it may have been closed long before my trips to Blackpool.  It was more of a menagerie that a zoo.  My only recollection of  Tower Zoo,  are the stories I heard about ‘Young Albert’.  I hope all of these photos and snippets of information, bring my story to life.  I am enjoying myself with this, and I hope  you are too.  It’s nice to re-visit the past!  Have a good weekend and watch out for Chapter Three of my Blackpool Story, which I will post next week.  It is still a ‘Story with no name’.  I hope someone is going to change that for me. Looking forward to giving someone a gift certificate for $25. Its nice to win something and help someone (me) at the same time.  Happy Reading!

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