Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have just submitted ‘Guy at the Bar’ to another publisher.  Lets hope someone likes it. I just need one acceptance to give me some confidence. Almost finished my third story.  I may have my book together by Christmas.  Just trying to find my way around in this new hobby of mine. Keep reading and share my experiences. Almost ready to start posting my next story….when I have a title.  Maybe I should just publish it and let you guys help me decide on a title. There’s a thought.

2 thoughts on “Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  1. Keep up the Inspiration, I so enjoyed reading this!!! of course for me it has memories also as it was my neck of the woods for a while there and we both have had some strange encounters,!!? cant wait to hear more!!!!….
    Believe and it will happen 😉
    I crave feedback whenever I do anything, its so good to hear what others think, so you can see things perhaps from another angle, at the end of the day, what we do may be for enjoyment, but we need others to enjoy it to meet demand and make the spondulis!!?lol..
    So if anyone else reads this…give feedback!!! 😉 x
    Id love to join in helping you choose a title, maybe you should make it into a competition, free book to the person whose title you choose!?
    Good Luck and keep up the sharing, each experience is amplified when shared, like the ripples of a pebble, dropped in a still pond…. throw a rock!!!! lol

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