A Postcard from Blackpool

A Postcard from Blackpool

 We walked across the hot sand and then climbed up the steps to the promenade, where the green van was parked.  As we approached I realized that the faces I had seen pressed up against the window were only painted images.  There were no kids in the van.  Doris stepped onto the van with me, it lurched heavily to one side, like a boat with her weight.  She sat me down in the front seat and spoke to the lady sitting in the driving seat.  I heard the lady say that the van would park here for another fifteen minutes, and then move further up the beach and park there for an hour.  She said no one had been here asking for me yet. Doris gave the lady her name and address and then she came over and sat down next to me. 

Yes, I got lost in Blackpool, something was always happening to me.  This happened in the first chapter of my new story.  Still waiting for it to be reviewed so I can start posting it.


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