Excitement and Optimism

It’s hard not to spend my whole time watching my blog stats and talking to everyone about my endeavours, but I don’t want to bore everyone and put them off reading my stories.  My second story is currently under the scrutiny of my husband, if it passes  I will read it again myself before publishing on Kindle.  It is a little longer, but same writing style.  I really hope you all like it.  Once I decide on a name…I will let you know. It’s like a new baby, the name needs to fit the personality.  I am excited and still optimistic that I can make a little market for myself.


2 thoughts on “Excitement and Optimism

  1. Woohoo!! its so exiting, you keep talking and sharing, it amplifies the experience. I hope the book passes hubbys scrutinising, maybe you should call it “Scrutinised”!!?? lol
    Cant wait to see your new book. 🙂
    -And I can relate in my painting. My latest piece is nearly done, each piece has to have a meaning to it, I cannot just paint a landscape, I have already chosen its title. I should be finished in a week and then I will concentrate on creating some sketches for illustrating your book ok x

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