What happened next? Read Chapter Two!

Chapter Two

I felt the blood run from my face and I thought I was going to faint, Sgt Bell, a long time friend of my Dad’s also, must have seen this and he took me by the arm and guided me to the chair. “Are you OK?” he asked. I took a deep breath and told him I was. My thoughts were racing, my mind crazy, so I was surprised when my voice came out sounding so calm. “Sorry, that was a bit of a shock! I didn’t really say much to this guy”, I told them. I told them that he had been coming on to me and I bolted through the back of the pub because he had offered to walk me home, and I knew what the walk home would entail. I told them that I thought he was following me, because I heard heavy breathing behind me and so I ran and I thought he might have fallen over, just by the fork in the road, but I didn’t look back, just ran down the back alley by the church to throw him off, and kept running until I couldn’t hear him behind me anymore. Then I walked home.

Sgt. Bell and the constable with him looked at each other and then Sgt. Bell spoke again. “Sheila, had you ever seen this man before last night?” He asked. I told him no. Sgt. Bell had a daughter my age, he knew I was scared. He told me he had to make inquiries, but it seemed that this man died from two knocks on the head. The first one could have happened when he fell at by the road and the second one maybe when he fell outside Mrs. Townsend’s house. According to the landlord and landlady in the pub, he was very drunk, so falling would not be unusual. Thing that made it hard was the fact he had ‘come on’ to me and had been trying to follow me home, when he had a wife and baby to go back to. Sgt. Bell took a deep breath and told me he would probably have to come back and talk to me again, but for now he was done. He had to talk to other people in the pub. It seemed like he had had a fight with his wife early in the evening and came to a neighboring village to get drunk. I showed the policemen out, and then went into the kitchen where my mum and dad were washing up after dinner. I thought my dad was going to drop the plate that was in his hand as I walked in. “Sheila, what’s going on?” he asked. I sat at the kitchen table and started shaking. My dad went and got me a brandy and I told him all about it. He went pretty pale too! My mum just carried on washing the dishes, I don’t think she knew what to say, probably weighing it all up in her head and was wondering if I was in trouble again. According to my mum, I was always in trouble, she would already be working on some story to tell the neighbors.

Sunday was a long day. Liz from the pub came round to see me, I told her about the visit from the police, and what happened after I left her pub. She was very sympathetic and concerned about me, and left me a bottle of brandy. It seemed like everyone thought that brandy made everything better. My friend Sophie called, news travels fast in small villages! The woman across the road popped in with a cake and my mum made her a cup of tea. It was becoming a pantomime. Of course by Sunday night it was on the news, they were calling in a suspicious accident. They needed to do an autopsy or what ever, to see exactly how he died. It mentioned that the last people to see him were the landlady in the pub and one or two locals, and it said that the police were asking for people to come forward with information if they had any!!! I was pretty glad when Sunday was over, but the thought of going to work the following day wasn’t doing a whole lot for me. I would face so many questions and nosy parkers in the little office I worked in. Why should I be worried, I hadn’t done anything wrong, unless wishing someone would ‘DROP DEAD’ was against the law! Nah! I was just being paranoid. I went to bed early, and drifted off to sleep fairly quickly. The complimentary bottle of brandy from the landlady helped. It was a good bottle, and a couple of large glasses did the trick. It had been on strange day!

I woke up with a start, it was very dark, but after a little while my eyes adjusted and I saw a tall figure standing by my window. It was too tall to be anyone who lived in my house. I squeezed my eyes tight shut and then opened them again. Phew, he was gone. “Bo!” “Ahh!” I screamed! There, sitting on a chair by my bed was the dead guy from the pub. I think I might have fainted! The next time I opened my eyes it was light and there was no sight of the guy from the pub, dead or alive. I looked under the bed too! It was a lovely day, birds singing, I heard my mum leave to go to work and heard my dad in the kitchen munching on cornflakes, milk and heaps of sugar. I didn’t have to see him to know what he ate for breakfast; he ate the same every morning, thought it was healthy, sugar and all! I put my dressing gown on and went in to the kitchen. My dad held the paper up. “Look, it’s in the ‘Northern Echo’, he was called Guy Davies, had a wife and a baby at home.” There was a picture of him with his family on the front page of the paper. He looked like a regular guy in his photo, not some leering drunk in a pub, and certainly not like the ‘undead’ thing that seemed to want to share my bedroom. I poured myself a cup of tea and made some toast. In the paper his wife said they had been going to go out to their village pub together to get something to eat, but the babysitter got sick and couldn’t come. Guy had told her to go with him anyway and they could take the baby and let the landlady’s daughter take care of it upstairs, while they had a couple of drinks and a bar snack. Lindsay, ‘his wife’ said that landlady’s daughter was too young to look after ‘Holly’ (the baby), and they ended up rowing so Guy went out on his own. She said she wished she had gone with him now, and maybe he would still be alive. She said he had not been himself lately and she should not have let him go on his own. I felt pretty sorry for her. My Dad planted a big kiss on my cheek (Yuk!), but touching and then went off to work! That time already? I went and got a wash and got ready quickly and jumped in my car and got to work just in time. I hated being late for work!


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