The British Army – Dark Angel – The Fight

Desert Rats“Dad!” I whispered. I felt his presence, I felt his love.

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, leave this child alone.” It was father Angelo.

Never, she’s almost mine, you lost your battle, your God is no match for me. 

Her voice weakened as she spoke, faded. Was she losing her hold on me? I was no longer in pain.

Tommy guns shattered the silence. I coughed and peered though a cloud of dust at the line of military vehicles that came to a halt in front of me. Soldiers spilled out, running to safety. They fired at something I couldn’t see.

“Trust in God, he’s the only one who can help you now.” Was it father Angelo? What was happening to me? Was I dying? Where was I?

A dark figure rose from the dusty mess. Black wings flapped angrily. Red eyes glowing fiercely. You don’t play fair, you bring in an army of dead men, men I can’t hurt. You may win this battle, but I WILL be back. The war isn’t over, not by a long way.

She hovered above the gunfire, her image fading, for what felt like an eternity. The forces fighting her were too strong. Her red eyes focused on the young soldiers, but she couldn’t harm them. These good men had already perished fighting for their country. Above the sound of the Tommy guns I heard prayers. Two different voices praying loudly and sincerely. I recognized one as Father Angelo, the other was my Uncle, the Army Padre.

“For the Love of God be gone.” I heard them say in Unison. “Go back to where you came from, leave this earth, leave it now.”

I watched the dark shape disintegrate and become part of the dust cloud. Red eyes disappeared. The sound of gun fire stopped and they soldiers cheered.

A single figure walked towards me, lighting a cigarette as he approached.


“Yes pet, its me. Did she really think she could survive the British Army? She’s nothing compared to the evil man the Germans call their Führer.”

“Dad, hold me.” I begged, but I knew he couldn’t, his image faded, along with the young soldiers he fought with. Soon all that was left was a blue smoke ring from his favorite cigarettes, but I felt his smile.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story about Lucy, and her fight with the Dark Angel. It’s almost done, one more instalment to go. My first novel Dead of July is available on Amazon. 

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Dark Evil and Good Men

The pain was more than I could bear, I wanted it to stop, but kept silent. It couldn’t last forever. I needed to die on my own terms. If I begged for death I was giving in to Evil and death wouldn’t come, instead my dark side would win and I’d become vengeful and roam the earth causing pain to others, just as the dark one was causing pain to me now.

Piercing red eyes burned a path into my brain. I needed help, but was afraid to call out, or even think of anyone, afraid of involving them in my pain. I prayed and prepared to die.

From afar I heard scratchy gramophone music. Was I imagining it? The music grew louder,  closer. Images flashed through my head in black and white, quickly at first, but then they slowed down. I saw tanks. Men marched in time, rifles over their shoulders. The music grew louder.

“Dad, am I with you now? Did I die?” I asked.

Music overpowered my thoughts. The British Army marched through my head, brave men ready to sacrifice their lives for their country.

“Whats happening to me?” I wasn’t sure if my lips moved or not. Was my scream silent? My pain subsided. I no longer saw evil red eyes peering into mine. Still unable to move I watched a WWII black and white movie play out in my head. My dad marched by, a young man, his beret jauntily perched on his head, a cigarette in his mouth and a smile on his face.

“I love you dad.” I whispered.

He turned around and smiled.

I’ve been pre-occupied lately and haven’t managed to get much done so I hope you enjoy this installment. Lucy is fighting for her life as Good and Evil clash all around her.

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Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Apologies and Patience


I offer my apologies and ask for your patience.

A couple of people have emailed me, prodding me to publish the next Dark Angel installment. I will get to it this week. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way. I was laid off from my job of 16 years recently and very unexpectedly. It’s cast a shadow over my creativity. I know it’ll come back soon, but for now….I ask for your patience while I rearrange my brainwaves.

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Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



Help from the Other Side – Dark Angel

441605-priestWhy are you putting up such a fight? No words broke the silence, she spoke directly into my mind. I answered her the same way.

“When I die, I want it to be under my terms, not yours. Your trickery made me want you for a while, but I see through it now. You don’t fool me anymore.”

I saw my dad’s face fresh and clear in my mind’s eye. Who was with him?

I’ve offered you eternal life. You can travel anywhere, see everything. Enjoy things you never dreamed possible. 

“All at the expense of others. My life is on this earth, not in a dark evil world of shadows. I believe in God.”

She cackled loudly and moved closer to me, Her dark beauty terrified me.

“Close your eyes Lucy, don’t look into her face.” It was my dad’s voice. I did as he said. Her face was still there, but not so clear. “Dad who’s with you? I see someone.”

“It’s Alfie, remember your uncle? He was a Desert Rat with me in Egypt, he was the battalion padre too. He’s here to help.”

I remembered him well, but wasn’t sure my kind uncle could help me. I hoped death protected him, no one else should suffer. Feeling the pressure mounting around me I called Father Angelo. Something was about to happen and I needed his help. He didn’t answer, my apartment was silent. As I looked towards the bathroom door it slammed shut. I needed Father Angelo and rose to bang on the door and get his attention. When I tried to stand I couldn’t. I was paralysed.

Come to me of your own will, or I’ll simply take you. There’s no one to help you now. 

“Why do you want me? Whats so special about me?”

You’ve been close to death and have darkness hidden within you. A darkness that would make us one. A darkness that could easily bubble into something thoroughly evil with my help. We could ride together and cause havoc in this boring world.  

I felt her touch me again, and something inside me liked it.


“I’m here. Remember when we went on vacation to Cornwall?”

The minute he spoke the darkness inside me abated. I saw myself as a child, in a fishing boat with my parents. I smelled the salt air and smiled. I saw something else in the corner of my mind, it was my Uncle, the Desert Rat. He had a bible in his hand. He read from it softly. I didn’t hear what he said, but the sound of his voice was comforting, calming.  I blocked him from my mind. If I could see him, surely the dark evil bitch could see him too.

“If I come with you will you leave everyone else alone?” I asked, trying to distract the daemon that goaded me, “will you leave this place and my friends for good?”

There was silence for a few seconds. I felt her icy touch inside my head, she was searching, probing. I wasn’t strong enough to keep her out. She saw through me.

You think this is a game and you can toy with me? Oh no, you’ve had your chance. You will be with me, but your journey will no longer be pleasant. When I’m finished with you you’ll beg me to take you as mine. I’ll make you suffer until you want nothing but me, and then I’ll make you suffer some more. You caused this pain yourself. The journey to my kingdom will be agonizing, you’ll wish  you were dead. When you beg for death, I’ll give it to you and together we will be magnificent. 


It was the last thing I said before the pain began. Was I being skinned alive?

“Stop, stop.” I screamed.

Give yourself to me.

“No, never.”

Her face hovered over me, her eyes blazing red. She was no longer a dark beauty. She was ugly in her anger.

How could I fight this?

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Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



Thank you!

As a change from the Ghost Stories I normally post, I’ve decided to tell you all how thankful I am.

What am I thankful for? My friends, my family and my life.

I’m thankful for my lovely home in Colorado, where I sit and look at the mountains as I write this blog.

I’m thankful that although it’s taken me 57 years to get here, I’m finally writing. My novels may never may me rich and famous, but they make me happy. I’m thankful to you all for reading them and leaving comments and reviews.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone and remember to be Thankful.


Thankful for my lovely home and the critters that come to visit.


Dark Angel – The end is near!

Dark Angel 13As we crossed the road to my apartment I saw a dark shadow looking down at us from the window. Jeff and Father Angelo saw it too; I could tell by the look on their faces.

“She’s waiting for us,” I said. “What do we do?”

“There’s no place to hide, we need to confront her.” Father Angelo answered. “If we don’t get Jeff somewhere warm he’ll die.”

Father Angelo was right. Jeff visibly shook with cold, he was barely conscious. We walked cautiously upstairs to my second floor apartment, putting Jeff between us so we could both protect him if we needed to. He was too weak to defend himself. This was my fault, I’d pushed him into the icy lake. I’d almost killed him. The door to my apartment stood open. We entered cautiously and were barely inside when the door slammed shut. We stood still, waiting for what came next, but although the air was filled with weird electricity, the room was silent.

Father Angelo broke the silence. “I’m going to run a hot bath, it’s the only thing that will warm him up. Do you have Brandy? I need him warmed on the inside too.”

I heard the water splashing into the bathtub and wished I were the one in the warm water, but Jeff needed it more than me.

My hands shook so badly so I could barely hold the bottle. I put it to my mouth and swallowed, Jeff wasn’t the only one that needed warming from the inside. Steam billowed through the partially open bathroom door, I tapped on it gently.

“Come in my dear, there’s nothing to see.” Father Angelo said.

Jeff was submerged up to his neck in a deep hot bubble bath. He’d stopped shaking and had some color in his cheeks. He managed a weak smile. “That’s the last time I let a pretty lady seduce me,” he said

I blushed and handed him the Brandy. “Not sure I was doing the seducing.” I said. “I’m sorry.” As I fought back my tears the Father put his arms around me and gave me a hug. “Come on, stay strong, there’s no time for tears. Why don’t you go and pour a large glass of Brandy for us too. I think we need one.”

“Don’t we need to keep clear heads to fight this evil bitch that flaunts herself as an Angel?” I said.

“We do, but one glass of Brandy won’t hurt.”

When I walked back into the kitchen the room felt different, calmer. Breathing a sigh of relief, I picked poured the drinks. A voice behind me said. “I’d like one of those myself, but I don’t think it would do me much good.”

I froze for a moment. It was a voice I knew well.

“Lucy, it’s alright, I’m here to help. Don’t be scared. Come sit by me.”

I walked over to the sofa (was this a dream) and sat down next to my dead father.

“Dad, am I dead? If I am, it’s OK as long as you are here to take care of me.”

“Oh Lucy, you’re not dead, but I can’t rest until I know you’re safe.”

His voice changed to a strange whisper as he spoke to me. It sounded like a phone that was losing it’s signal.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be safe again Dad. It’s a mess. I think she caused you to die.”

“No, smoking killed me, I’m ashamed of it, but it’s true. Now I’m here to make amends and help you one last time.”

The room grew cold again, my dad faded. “Don’t go!”

“I’m not, I’ll be here trust me.”

I heard the flapping of wings and a shadow appeared in the corner. It was motionless, watching, waiting. Would this ever be over?

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Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Working and Walking

041113-2nd-walk-300x225I’m sure many of you share my problem, no time for the gym. I love to work out and feel my heart racing, but I’m a part-time author and have a full-time and very demanding job. I decided a brisk lunch time walk was answer. Not quite a power walk, but a fast walk. I started walking a mile or so a day, and it felt good. Then I bought myself a Nike Fuel Band, wow, that certainly did the trick. I set the fuel at 2,500 and the steps at 10,000. Once I could see the numbers, it pushed me to exercise more. Now I’m walking three miles almost every day. If the weather doesn’t permit, I use the gym in my office building……I feel GREAT! So those of you who can’t find time to work out, use your lunch hour. It makes the day go much faster and energizes you, especially if you can walk outside.


Dead of July – A novel by Sandra Thompson

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



206342-the-last-exorcism-part-ii-the-last-exorcism-part-ii-wallpaperI felt no fear as I lay half-naked beside the cold lake. The air around me was charged with seductive, persuasive whispers. Whispers that tantalized and excited me. Deep inside I knew it was wrong, I was giving in to Evil. Evil that would take me forever, but it felt good. My fight was over. I was falling again, just as I had earlier in my bedroom, but much more quickly this time, there was an urgency to it.

Lucy welcome to my Kingdom, shed your earthly troubles as you shed your clothes. You need neither.

Was I dreaming? I saw naked female shapes all around me. Young, sad faces looked down at me as I continued to fall. “Who are you?” I said without speaking.

Lucy, they are yours, they will tend to you and care for you. When you are with me you will want for nothing.

“It’s a trick! Don’t believe her.”

“Who said that?”

Pay no heed, they’re jealous. 

Suddenly I felt immense pain. Drops of water hit my body and burned like acid.

“What are you doing to me? Let me go.” I screamed and tried to move. My arms and chest were on fire. I heard another voice, an aggressive loud voice. Father Angelo stood beside me, showering me with Holy Water.

In the Holy Name of Jesus, I break and dissolve any and all curses, hexes, spells, snares, traps, lies, obstacles, deceptions, diversions, spiritual influences, evil wishes, evil desires, hereditary seals, known and unknown, and every dysfunction and disease from any source including my mistakes and sins.

Oh be gone Father, this girl is mine, whether today or tomorrow, she’s mine.You are no match for me. You bore me. Lucy Fight him. Come back to me. 

“Lucy, stay with us. Pray, think of your mother. Remember your father. Come back.” It was Jeff’s voice.

Father Angelo continued to pray, his voice was loud and confident. Jeff crouched beside me, dripping wet, but with no concern for himself. He put his coat around me again. His body shook with cold. I looked at them both, unable to speak. What had happened to  me? Why was Jeff wet? I was confused and scared and very cold.

“Father Angelo, is it gone? Are we safe?” Jeff asked.

“No, it’s still with us, just hiding. This spirit is dark and clever, it will strike again when we least expect it. It nearly took her this time.”

“What does it want with me?” I asked finally able to speak.

“It wants your human form Lucy. The Dark Angel wants to walk among us. She is wanton and evil. She entices you with promises, but when you give yourself to her, your life ends. Lets get you home out of the cold before you freeze to death.”

Dazed and weak I allowed Father Angelo to help me back home. I worried about Jeff, his clothes were frozen and his face white and drawn. Blood trickled from his forehead. I wanted to die and not worry about this anymore, but I knew my death would give life to Evil. How much longer could I fight?

He lies Lucy. All Priests lie. I want you with me. I’ll warm you, give yourself to me, say the words. I’m ready Lucy, I’m waiting. 

It was tempting.

Dead of July – A Novel by Sandra Thompson

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