Seduced by Evil – Angel of Death

I barely slept that night. In fact I thought I might never sleep again. What was this creature that made me suffer? What did it want from me? Was I borderline evil, an easy challenge? Why me? I thought of Jeff lying on my sofa and felt safer with his presence, but I knew I was putting him in extreme danger and it wasn’t fair. I decided to ask him to leave the following day. Only one person should be put in harm’s way, me and me alone.

It was a long uncomfortable, sleepless night, and when morning finally came I was exhausted, but relieved. As soon as the first light of dawn streamed through a gap in my curtains I threw on some comfortable clothes and went into the living room. Jeff lay motionless on my sofa. Paranoid, I checked to make sure he was still breathing. He was! Next I called work and spoke to my boss “I need to stay home for a few days,” I said, “I have some personal issues I need to take care of.”

“Are you alright?” Sandra, my boss asked “You haven’t been the same since your dad died. Take as long as you need, you’ve had a hell of a year. Can I do anything to help?”

“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll be fine. I have to take care of this myself,” I said, but she knew me well and my voice gave me away.

“Do you want to come and stay with David and I?” she asked. “Or maybe you spend some time at your mum’s. It sounds like you need to be with someone.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to burden anyone else with my problems, I just need to be alone for a while. Thanks for being understanding, I’ll be in touch.”

“Only if you’re sure, but I will check…..”Before she finished her sentence the connection was broken and the temperature dropped quickly.

“Oh good, you’re staying home, now we can be along together. At last I can make you mine. Now get rid of the fool in the living room and give yourself to me.”

“Go to hell,” I said, and then I laughed, “No wait you’re already there aren’t you.”

The room got warmer again and I looked towards the sofa where Jeff stirred. He opened his eyes. As I walked towards him I felt new warmth radiating from him. This wasn’t the Jeff I used to know, this guy was different. I needed to find out what had happened to him before I sent him away.

“Want some coffee?” I asked as he swung his legs off the sofa.
“I’m starving he answered, I need more than coffee. Lets go out for breakfast.”

“Great idea. I’ll pay.” I said, wanting more than anything to get Jeff out of my house.

“I heard you call work, you’re not going in. I’m glad, we need to call Father Angelo and bring him here before it’s too late.”

I smiled, and thought No I’m not allowing Father Angelo into my house and I want you gone as soon as possible. I trembled and became irritated. I badly wanted Jeff out of my home, but. did I want him gone for his own safety? Or was the daemon influencing my decisions? Did she want him gone so she could have me to herself?

Oh Dear God, I can’t even trust myself now, I thought.

I looked at Jeff, his eyes seemed to see right through me.

“Lucy, fight it, don’t let it win. You need me and you need Father Angelo, don’t push us away.”

I turned my back on him and closed my eyes. A sweet voice whispered in my ear. “We can have fun together you and me. So much fun.”

I giggled and answered with my mind “Yes I think we can.” 

I walked into my bedroom and shut the door. The shadow on the far wall moved towards me. I’m not sure if it was male or female, but it made me feel good. A cool breeze caressed my body as I fell onto my bed.

Jeff was hammering on the door, but I ignored him as I sank into another world.




Father Angelo – A Legend

rosary_000006881748_465x288_110609_t620There was a welcome silence in my apartment, but it made me nervous. Were we really alone, or was an invisible, uninvited guest watching us, waiting for the right moment to strike again. Jeff stirred, his eyes flickered open and he smiled weakly. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

“Don’t speak, just rest, you’re exhausted.”

Jeff smiled and closed his eyes. I moved gently from the sofa, resting his head on a cushion as I did so. I found a blanket and covered him. He looked so pale. Overcome by emotion, I bent down and kissed his forehead. Was this really the hippie that wandered the country roads after dark? The phone rang and grabbed it quickly, not wanting to disturb my sleeping savior.

“Lucy have you heard what happened to the Vicar?” It was my mum, full of news. “I think he’s going to be alright, but he was run over, he’s in the hospital.”

“I’m sorry to hear that mum,” I said, not wanting her to know he was coming to visit me when it happened, “I’ll stop by and see him if you like, take him some books and…..” My mum didn’t let me finish,

“Something else is going on too, there is a priest from Newcastle here, he’s got quite the reputation, he’s staying in the Vicarage.”

My mum was all of a twitter.

“What sort of reputation? Why are you so excited?”

“He has a reputation for performing exorcism’s. Your dad read about him once in the Sunday paper. He’s supposed to be the real deal. Someone around here has an unwanted visitor. I wonder who it is.”

“He could just be here for a change of scenery, maybe he’s having a little vacation in North Yorkshire.”

She paid no attention to me and had already made up her mind he was here to work, “I’ll bet it’s The Grange, there’s been talk it was haunted. Or maybe the old cottages at the back of the church, you know, where that drunk died when he fell and hit his head.”

My mum’s excitement was contagious. It lifted my spirits a little. If anyone needed an exorcist, it was me. I didn’t tell my mum that of course, instead I said, “Well I’m sure you’ll find out eventually.”

I saw Jeff begin to stir, “Mum, I have to go, I have something on the stove. Call me when you have the scoop on the Exorcist.”

“I will, good night pet.”

“Night mum, love you.”

Jeff sat up, “Exorcist?” he said.

I sat down next to him. “Yes, apparently a priest from Newcastle has moved into the Vicarage, my mum seems to think he’s here to perform an exorcism.”

“Father Angelo!” Jeff said. “We need to talk to him.”

I am having fun with this story, it brings back memories of a small country village in North Yorkshire, the village in which I was raised. I also spent a few years in Germany, which prompted me to write a Ghost Story set in Dortmund. 

Dead of July is available on Amazon and Smashwords

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson


Dark Angel – The Chant

Indian ChantWhen Jeff got back from the hospital he found me sitting on the sofa in the darkness, still looking at the bottle of wine.

“You don’t like to drink alone then?” he asked.

“I did drink alone, this is the second bottle,” I said.

He came and sat down beside me, and put his arms around me, hugging me gently as though I might break. “None of this is your fault.”

“How can you say that?” I sobbed. “I was spared, while a man was allowed to die. My dad is dead. Reverend Laybourn just wanted to help me and now he’s in hospital. He’s still alive isn’t he? Please tell me he’s still alive.”

“Yes he’s going to be fine; he has God on his side remember. He’s shaken, and has a fractured wrist from his fall, but he’ll live to preach another day.”

“He looked awful when you went down to him. I was sure he was going to die.”

“He was in shock, that’s all. I should have stayed here with you instead of going to the hospital. You look worse than the Reverend.”

Jeff got a glass and poured himself some wine.

“She visited me while you were gone, she’s not finished with me yet, I’m scared. What can I do? How can I end this? Who is she going to turn on next? It could be you, it could be my mum. I’m the one that should be suffering, no one else.”

“Lucy, you are suffering. Look at you. Don’t give up, we need to stop this. If we let her win, she’ll move on to someone else and this awful nightmare will start all over again. More people will suffer. She needs to be stopped.”

The room temperature dropped again.

“Try and stop me if you dare. You are weak pathetic humans who pray to a weak ineffective god. You have no chance. I am everything, I am everywhere. I toy with you because I can, because I want to. It pleasures me. When I’m done with you I’ll cast you aside and you’ll beg me to take you back.”

I felt her hands on me again. She touched and prodded as though she were looking for something. I felt coldness surround my heart.

“Ahhhhh, it still beats, it beats for me.” she hissed.

There was pressure on my chest, and then, to my horror, I felt her lips on mine and her breath in my mouth.

“Jeff!” I screamed. “Help me.”

My glass exploded as the water that filled it turned to ice. Cold fingers grasped my ankles and I was pulled to the floor. Jeff grabbed me around the waist, pulling me back to him as began to chant  a prayer I’d never heard in a language I didn’t recognize.

“What is that noise? Stop! It pains my ears.”

The grip on my ankles was released briefly, and then got tighter.

“Your stupid Native American spells don’t hurt me. They won’t help you neither.”

Jeff kept hold of me and continued to chant. I heard my name mixed in with words that had no meaning. The grip on my ankles eased slightly and I used my elbows to lever myself off the floor and back onto the sofa, kicking hard at the invisible force that held me. The room grew warmer.

“I’m not done yet, I’ll be back when you don’t expect me. You owe me girl, and I’m going to collect. I’ll take you slowly. When you have suffered more than you ever thought you could, I’ll take you for my own. I’ll enjoy you.”

There was a deep sigh and then silence. Jeff was pale and exhausted. I put my arms around him.

“You saved my life.” I told him.

He slumped in my arms, unable to speak. I wasn’t sure what had just happened, but it had sapped his energy.

I held him close and picked up the glass of wine he’d been drinking. I finished it in one gulp.

I owed my life to this man. I hope he didn’t have to pay with his own.


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Dead of July – A German Ghost Story 

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson




I love you Dad – I want to be with you.

shadows“Get away from me,” I cried.

Shadows moved around the room with ever-changing shapes. It was cold, so very cold. Surrounded by evil laughter and whispers, I sank to my knees and buried my head in my hands, preparing to die.

“Take me if you must, take my life, but stop hurting the people I love.”

A voice that must be a thousand years old spoke from thin air. “Oh, I’m not done with you yet.”

I clung to my clothes, which I felt were being tugged from my body. “In the name of Jesus Christ, please leave me alone.”

“Jesus can’t save you now, anyway you don’t even believe in him. When you die, you’ll join me, I’m preparing you. You will be my new apprentice, my new toy. I think you’re almost ready. When I take you, it will be spectacular.”

The laughter faded and the room warmed up. When she takes me? Her apprentice?

What the hell was I dealing with? All I’d seen was a dark angel with evil eyes. I still wondered if she was part of my imagination. Did my accident and my coma cause brain damage? I hoped Jeff would come back soon, I didn’t want to put him in harm’s way, but I needed him badly. I opened another bottle of wine, knowing I shouldn’t, but wanting to drink my way into oblivion.

Lucy, Lucy, don’t drink anymore.”

Where did that sound come from? I went to the window and looked outside. The street was empty.

Don’t drink, be strong, and fight back.”

Although the voice was distorted it was my father who spoke to me. Looking at his photo on the mantel, I took a deep breath and put down my glass.

“You can fight this, trust me, your mum needs you, don’t leave her, it would destroy her. Fight back.”

“Dad I love you,” I sobbed “I want to be with you.”

No, believe me,  you don’t want to be here!”

The temperature dropped again and an awful bone chilling noise shook the house. Surely it came from the bowels of the earth.

“Dad!” I yelled, but he was gone.

“Don’t you dare hurt him anymore, leave him be.” I screamed.

I pulled my clothes tightly around me, trying to stay warm. “I’ll do whatever you want, just leave my dad alone. Let him rest in peace.”

The shadows disappeared and the room began to warm up. I sat motionless on the sofa, afraid to move, terrified of what my dad suffered even after death.


Lucy suffers in this story, but in Dead of July , Sheila, a young British Army wife struggles with evil. Also available on Smashwords.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson


Where do I get my inspiration?

I try to walk as often as possible, it clears my head, blows away the cobwebs and reminds me how lucky I am to live in the wonderful state of Colorado. This is my neighborhood. After years of traveling, this is where I settled, and this is where I became an author. Let me share a few photographs with you.
























Dead of July

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson







Coming soon, ‘Fire and Darkness’, by Sandra Thompson.



Dark Angel – I Love You – You Make Me Stronger!

Angel bad1

“Of course she’s trying to kill me, it’s what she does.” Jeff said.

“Why did you get involved if you knew that? Why did you try to help me? Two people are dead already; I don’t want you to be the third.”

He walked over and put his arms around me which felt good, comforting, but made me feel even worse. I didn’t want to be responsible his death.  I pushed him gently away. He looked into my eyes and brushed away my tears.

“Come on, let’s eat,” he said, “I’ve opened a bottle of wine.”

We sat down and tried to make small talk, but it was impossible. How could I think about anything except the evil one that played with my life. Was I ever going to be rid of her? Why did she save me and allow the truck driver to die? I’d be better off dead than watch those around me suffer to amuse her.

“What do we do next, how do we stop her?” I asked my voice breaking.

“I went to see the Vicar today, told him your story; he’s going to stop by tonight. He wants to help.”

“How can he help? When he came to my mum’s after church, the angel tormented him. He was brave, but weak. She could snap him like a twig.”

“He didn’t know what he was dealing with then, now he does. He just wants to talk to you, wants to know how this started. He had God on his side remember.”

“Yes and she has the devil on hers.” I said, ” My wine glass was emptying much more quickly than my plate.

We heard a scream and the sound of screeching tires from the street below. We looked at each other and ran to the window. There’d been an accident. A man lay injured in the street; he’d been hit by a car. He stared towards my window as someone removed his white Vicar’s collar and tried to help him. A dark flaming shadow hovered above him for a while and then disappeared. I made to run down to the street, but Jeff grabbed my arm.

“Stay here,” he said, “Your presence will make things worse.”

I watched as he crossed the road to where the Vicar lay. He  took hold of Jeff’s hand, thank God he wasn’t dead. I saw him whisper something. Jeff glanced up at me and smiled a smile that told me the Vicar was OK. The ambulance seemed to take forever to arrive, but in reality it was probably only five minutes. I finished the bottle of wine while I stood and watched, trying to drown my fear and pain with alcohol.

Jeff got in the ambulance and as I watched it drive away, I felt a cold evil presence behind me. I was terrified and daren’t around. An icy finger touched my neck and a voice  whispered in my ear. “You are making me stronger, so strong. I’m going to keep you with me for a long time, I think I love you.”

I felt her hands all over me, icy cold, she was trying to make me hers.


I love to write, I’d love to quit my day job and write, maybe one day! 

My first novel ‘Dead of July’ is available on Amazon and Smashwords for $3.99. Give it a try. Make me famous!

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson




Fire and Darkness

Fire and Darkness, is almost ready for my copy editor. This book was originally published back in 2009 as Girl on the Beach. It was my second short story, but the first one I released. Now, it is completely re-edited and I think attractive to a much wider audience. If you like Ghost Stories set in England, this book is for you. It doesn’t fall into any particular genre, but I think would be a light enjoyable read for almost anyone, young and old alike. Have you ever been to Blackpool? Let me give you a taste of my book.


Alone and terrified I watched the beach come to life. Strangers appeared, born from thin air. They spoke quickly in a different language as they ran towards the water. I looked in the direction they ran and saw something burning ferociously, flames emerging from the waves.

“Hey, what’s happening?” I shouted to a young man close by, but he ignored me. People gathered at the water’s edge, some wading towards the flames, but not getting far, it was too hot. A tiny hand slipped into mine and I looked down to see the tearful dirty face of a young child looking up at me.

And now let me give you a taste of Blackpool.

Blackpool Beach and Tower

Blackpool Beach and Tower

A 99 and a lime-split please

A 99 and a lime-split please

My current book is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Dead of July – A German Ghost Story (Amazon)

Dead of July – A German Ghost Story (Smashwords)

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Serious Mischief – Moving in from the Cold?

cold ghostIt’s approaching that time of year again. What time of year is that? The mischievous time, and it’s already started.  The mischief began five years ago. It was late October, and in one single morning, three of my kitchen appliances broke. My blender, wine fridge and compactor. Everything always seems to come in threes, so I thought it was just my bad luck……until the following year when it happened all over again. It became an annual event. Last year my newly fitted bathroom sprung a leak, my washing machine broke and my tumble drier caught fire. This all happened in the same week!

And here we go again. The toilet in our master bathroom has become possessed (you may laugh), but it flushes and fills up on its own. After close inspection we see nothing wrong with it. Thankfully it’s stopped now (after a week). My husbands (I think he called it his proxy server) stopped working for NO REASON, much to his frustration and then our septic tank backed up!

OK, so you are all thinking that’s life, these things happen, and yes I agree, but why do they always happen late September/early October. Why do they sometimes just fix themselves?

I could let all of those things slide a little if it wasn’t for the objects I keep seeing in the corner of my eye, causing me to turn for a better look. When I turn there’s nothing there of course, but I know there was.

When I lay in bed last night I saw my husband walk past the bedroom door, and spoke to him. He never answered, but about ten seconds later, walked up the stairs. I sat up confused “I just saw you walk past the bedroom door,” I said.

No you didn’t, I’ve just come upstairs.”

Yes, it’s that time of year again, my mischievous visitor is back. Maybe its a ghost that lives outside in the Summer, but chooses to move somewhere warmer when it gets cold.

If that’s the case, you’re welcome my friend, no one likes to be cold, but please don’t break anything else.

These events are pretty small compared to my other visitors and premonitions. I share all of my adventures with you in a series of books. Dead of July is currently available for kindle and various other eReaders (smashwords), for $3.99. It’s the first of many stories about Sheila (me) and all of her trials and tribulations because of her premonitions and visitations. 

 Dead of July – A German Ghost Story (Amazon)

Dead of July - (Smashwords)

Dark Shadow – Death of Everyone You Love!


I awoke the following morning to the sound of my apartment door closing. Looking at the clock I saw it was 5:30am. Was Jeff leaving already? I smelled coffee so I donned my robe and made my way to the kitchen. There was a note on the countertop. I took your spare key in case you are still at work when I get back. The thought of Jeff coming back gave me a warm feeling. Was it because I felt safe when he was around, or maybe I had feelings for him. I always had a soft spot for him, even back in the day when he walked the streets and everyone thought him crazy. He wasn’t crazy, just different, I knew how that felt.

Pouring myself a cup of coffee I walked across to the window. This was the place I stood when I first saw the Dark Angel after leaving hospital. I shivered; it was the day my dad was killed in a car crash. Damn you! I said to myself. I will not let you take any more lives.

Try and stop me!

Did I really hear someone whisper in my ear?

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name……….. I recited the Lord’s Prayer, not knowing what else to do, but feeling like I needed to do something. No more whispers, it was probably my imagination.

I didn’t feel the least bit like going to work but I had bills to pay, so after finishing my coffee, I jumped in the shower. I was on edge.

Was I being watched? Where was the Dark Angel when I didn’t see her? Was she watching me?

My work day was long; I watched the hours tick slowly by until five o clock finally came around. When I arrived home Jeff was waiting for me. “I brought food,” he said, “Chinese, I remember you used to like Chinese food.”

“Oh yea, we went to that little Chinese Restaurant in Richmond once right! I’d forgotten.”

“You bought me dinner. You were kind to me when no-one else would talk to me.”

“You didn’t have many friends back then did you Jeff?”

“Still don’t,” he said as he set the table.

A chilling breeze tormented my ear, a breeze that whispered Oh you like him don’t you, killing him is going to be fun.”

I looked at Jeff, terror obvious on my face. Was I losing me mind?

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Did you hear that?” I asked, “did you hear someone whisper.” I was shaking.

“No, what did they say?”

I burst into tears. “It’s the Dark Angel. She wants to kill you. You have to stop helping me, go home.”


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Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

I’m still an old newbie to the world of writing, and marketing isn’t my thing. If you read my book, and enjoy it, please spread the word. I’d love a comment on my blog to let me know what you think, even better, a review on Amazon.

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