Thank you!

As a change from the Ghost Stories I normally post, I’ve decided to tell you all how thankful I am.

What am I thankful for? My friends, my family and my life.

I’m thankful for my lovely home in Colorado, where I sit and look at the mountains as I write this blog.

I’m thankful that although it’s taken me 57 years to get here, I’m finally writing. My novels may never may me rich and famous, but they make me happy. I’m thankful to you all for reading them and leaving comments and reviews.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone and remember to be Thankful.


Thankful for my lovely home and the critters that come to visit.


Dark Angel – The end is near!

Dark Angel 13As we crossed the road to my apartment I saw a dark shadow looking down at us from the window. Jeff and Father Angelo saw it too; I could tell by the look on their faces.

“She’s waiting for us,” I said. “What do we do?”

“There’s no place to hide, we need to confront her.” Father Angelo answered. “If we don’t get Jeff somewhere warm he’ll die.”

Father Angelo was right. Jeff visibly shook with cold, he was barely conscious. We walked cautiously upstairs to my second floor apartment, putting Jeff between us so we could both protect him if we needed to. He was too weak to defend himself. This was my fault, I’d pushed him into the icy lake. I’d almost killed him. The door to my apartment stood open. We entered cautiously and were barely inside when the door slammed shut. We stood still, waiting for what came next, but although the air was filled with weird electricity, the room was silent.

Father Angelo broke the silence. “I’m going to run a hot bath, it’s the only thing that will warm him up. Do you have Brandy? I need him warmed on the inside too.”

I heard the water splashing into the bathtub and wished I were the one in the warm water, but Jeff needed it more than me.

My hands shook so badly so I could barely hold the bottle. I put it to my mouth and swallowed, Jeff wasn’t the only one that needed warming from the inside. Steam billowed through the partially open bathroom door, I tapped on it gently.

“Come in my dear, there’s nothing to see.” Father Angelo said.

Jeff was submerged up to his neck in a deep hot bubble bath. He’d stopped shaking and had some color in his cheeks. He managed a weak smile. “That’s the last time I let a pretty lady seduce me,” he said

I blushed and handed him the Brandy. “Not sure I was doing the seducing.” I said. “I’m sorry.” As I fought back my tears the Father put his arms around me and gave me a hug. “Come on, stay strong, there’s no time for tears. Why don’t you go and pour a large glass of Brandy for us too. I think we need one.”

“Don’t we need to keep clear heads to fight this evil bitch that flaunts herself as an Angel?” I said.

“We do, but one glass of Brandy won’t hurt.”

When I walked back into the kitchen the room felt different, calmer. Breathing a sigh of relief, I picked poured the drinks. A voice behind me said. “I’d like one of those myself, but I don’t think it would do me much good.”

I froze for a moment. It was a voice I knew well.

“Lucy, it’s alright, I’m here to help. Don’t be scared. Come sit by me.”

I walked over to the sofa (was this a dream) and sat down next to my dead father.

“Dad, am I dead? If I am, it’s OK as long as you are here to take care of me.”

“Oh Lucy, you’re not dead, but I can’t rest until I know you’re safe.”

His voice changed to a strange whisper as he spoke to me. It sounded like a phone that was losing it’s signal.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be safe again Dad. It’s a mess. I think she caused you to die.”

“No, smoking killed me, I’m ashamed of it, but it’s true. Now I’m here to make amends and help you one last time.”

The room grew cold again, my dad faded. “Don’t go!”

“I’m not, I’ll be here trust me.”

I heard the flapping of wings and a shadow appeared in the corner. It was motionless, watching, waiting. Would this ever be over?

Dead of July – Amazon

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Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Working and Walking

041113-2nd-walk-300x225I’m sure many of you share my problem, no time for the gym. I love to work out and feel my heart racing, but I’m a part-time author and have a full-time and very demanding job. I decided a brisk lunch time walk was answer. Not quite a power walk, but a fast walk. I started walking a mile or so a day, and it felt good. Then I bought myself a Nike Fuel Band, wow, that certainly did the trick. I set the fuel at 2,500 and the steps at 10,000. Once I could see the numbers, it pushed me to exercise more. Now I’m walking three miles almost every day. If the weather doesn’t permit, I use the gym in my office building……I feel GREAT! So those of you who can’t find time to work out, use your lunch hour. It makes the day go much faster and energizes you, especially if you can walk outside.


Dead of July – A novel by Sandra Thompson

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



206342-the-last-exorcism-part-ii-the-last-exorcism-part-ii-wallpaperI felt no fear as I lay half-naked beside the cold lake. The air around me was charged with seductive, persuasive whispers. Whispers that tantalized and excited me. Deep inside I knew it was wrong, I was giving in to Evil. Evil that would take me forever, but it felt good. My fight was over. I was falling again, just as I had earlier in my bedroom, but much more quickly this time, there was an urgency to it.

Lucy welcome to my Kingdom, shed your earthly troubles as you shed your clothes. You need neither.

Was I dreaming? I saw naked female shapes all around me. Young, sad faces looked down at me as I continued to fall. “Who are you?” I said without speaking.

Lucy, they are yours, they will tend to you and care for you. When you are with me you will want for nothing.

“It’s a trick! Don’t believe her.”

“Who said that?”

Pay no heed, they’re jealous. 

Suddenly I felt immense pain. Drops of water hit my body and burned like acid.

“What are you doing to me? Let me go.” I screamed and tried to move. My arms and chest were on fire. I heard another voice, an aggressive loud voice. Father Angelo stood beside me, showering me with Holy Water.

In the Holy Name of Jesus, I break and dissolve any and all curses, hexes, spells, snares, traps, lies, obstacles, deceptions, diversions, spiritual influences, evil wishes, evil desires, hereditary seals, known and unknown, and every dysfunction and disease from any source including my mistakes and sins.

Oh be gone Father, this girl is mine, whether today or tomorrow, she’s mine.You are no match for me. You bore me. Lucy Fight him. Come back to me. 

“Lucy, stay with us. Pray, think of your mother. Remember your father. Come back.” It was Jeff’s voice.

Father Angelo continued to pray, his voice was loud and confident. Jeff crouched beside me, dripping wet, but with no concern for himself. He put his coat around me again. His body shook with cold. I looked at them both, unable to speak. What had happened to  me? Why was Jeff wet? I was confused and scared and very cold.

“Father Angelo, is it gone? Are we safe?” Jeff asked.

“No, it’s still with us, just hiding. This spirit is dark and clever, it will strike again when we least expect it. It nearly took her this time.”

“What does it want with me?” I asked finally able to speak.

“It wants your human form Lucy. The Dark Angel wants to walk among us. She is wanton and evil. She entices you with promises, but when you give yourself to her, your life ends. Lets get you home out of the cold before you freeze to death.”

Dazed and weak I allowed Father Angelo to help me back home. I worried about Jeff, his clothes were frozen and his face white and drawn. Blood trickled from his forehead. I wanted to die and not worry about this anymore, but I knew my death would give life to Evil. How much longer could I fight?

He lies Lucy. All Priests lie. I want you with me. I’ll warm you, give yourself to me, say the words. I’m ready Lucy, I’m waiting. 

It was tempting.

Dead of July – A Novel by Sandra Thompson

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One Year To Live


Amazing story.

Originally posted on Morning Story and Dilbert:

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
October 30, 2014

Anthony Burgess was 40 when he learned that he had only one year to live. He had a brain tumor that would kill him within a year. He know he had a battle on his hands. He was completely broke at the time, and he didn’t have anything to leave behind for his wife, Lynne, soon to be a window.

Burgess had never been a professional novelist in the past, but he always knew the potential was inside him to be a writer. So, for the sole purpose of leaving royalties behind for his wife, he put a piece of paper into a typewriter and began writing. He had no certainty that he would even be published, but he couldn’t think of anything else to do.

“It was January of 1960,” he said, “and according to the prognosis, I had a winter and spring and…

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Seduce you to DEATH – Dark Angel

BlackRoses1We sat and talked, Jeff, Father Angelo and I. No, they talked while I got lost in my own thoughts. Thoughts that I daren’t put down on paper, thoughts so dark, so alien to me that I wondered where they came from.

Thoughts that excited me!

I was suddenly aware that both of the men were looking at me. “What, sorry, I guess I wasn’t listening. I need some fresh air; I’m going for a walk.” I said.

“Not on your own. I’ll get my coat.” Jeff said as he stood up.

Get rid of him, he’ll spoil everything, I want to be alone with you. The voice in my ear was seductive, but insistent.

“Really, I’m fine, I need time to clear my head. I won’t go far.”

Father Angelo looked at Jeff, “go with her, she can’t be trusted. I’ll stay here and put a plan together.”

“I can’t be trusted?” I asked irritated, “seriously? What the hell do you think I’m going to do? This is bullshit!” I said and stormed out. Jeff followed me.

“Lucy what’s wrong?” he said, running to keep up with me. I didn’t answer.

Take him into the park, by the lake. Take him into the trees. Seduce him. I’ll take care of the rest. 

I obeyed the voice in my head. I wanted to be alone. I wanted her to finish what she started earlier. I liked the way she made me feel. I slowed down allowing Jeff to walk next to me. “Sorry! My head is so messed up, I didn’t mean to snap. I’m tired and irritable. I know you’re trying to help me.” I took hold of Jeff’s hand and felt the tension drain out of him. Was I doing that, or was someone else doing it through me?

We walked along the path in the deserted park, towards the lake, and the jetty. It was a private place hidden by trees. “Where are you going?” Jeff asked.

“I want to sit by the lake a while.”

“Isn’t it a little cold to be sitting by the lake?” he asked. I stopped and looked at him. “We can keep each other warm,” I replied, “We can snuggle close together.” My lips almost touched his when I spoke.

Ohhh, he’s like putty in your hands, you have him, the voice in my head sounded breathless, excited. I smiled, I was enjoying myself, I felt alive, powerful even. When we reached the jetty I sat on the edge with my feet dangling to within a couple of inches of the water. It was cold, and getting colder. Jeff sat down next to me and took one arm out of his big black coat, wrapping half of it around me. I snuggled close to him, his warm body pressing against mine. I turned to face him. “Thanks for looking out for me.” I said.

He looked deep into my eyes, searching for something. I kissed him. At first he hesitated so I put my hand behind his head gently, but firmly so he couldn’t pull away. I wrapped my other arm around him, finding bare skin at the base of his spine, gently pulling him closer. His lips pressed on mine, and he no longer hesitated, but kissed me passionately.  I could tell he was aroused. He pressed his body closer to me, a wild passion unleashed within him.

The whispering in my ear turned to a sigh, oh I want you , I feel you, I can’t wait until we’re together, ahhhhhh. 

Jeff pulled back from me for a second, I looked into his face and for a spit second I was me again, but then I saw the passion and lust in his eyes and I wanted more. A force I couldn’t fight had taken control of me.

He stood up, pulling me to my feet, wrapping his coat around me with one arm, and caressing me with the other. I didn’t want him to stop.

Now, do it now. Push him.

“No, not yet, I want him.” I answered silently.

He is nothing compared to me, you don’t need him. DO IT!

I pushed Jeff backwards with all my strength, smiling as he lost his footing. I clapped my hands with excitement as he fell backwards into the icy water, banging his head on a rock as he went down. Then I collapsed onto the icy ground, locked in a passionate embrace with someone I couldn’t see. I didn’t care!

Lucy, you’ve taken your first life. Now you belong to me, how does it feel. 

I moaned with pleasure, “I’m yours.” I whispered breathlessly.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

I hope you are enjoying my short blog story. Dead of July my first full lenght novel is available on Amazon and Smashwords.


Dark Angel – Simmering

Dark Angel is fun to write, sorry the installments aren’t regular, but I have to be inspired. I may be inspired in an hour from now, or not until tomorrow, but I don’t want to force my brain to produce something I know you won’t like.

On another note, my latest short story is with my copy editor/writing coach, and I have to admit it’s distracting me. Those of you who write will understand how I feel. Writing a story is like being pregnant, and then finally giving birth. In your eyes your offspring is PERFECT! Well imagine someone coming along and criticizing it, telling you this needs fixing and that needs putting right. It’s tough, especially when you know they’re right.

For the next few weeks I will be juggling my short story, and my blog, so be patient with me. I love them both dearly and will divide my time between them.

If you want to read my first novel Dead of July, it is available on Amazon and SmashWords. Buy a copy make a budding, unknown author very happy.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson


Evil Possession – Dark Angel

Time stood still. I daren’t move, daren’t speak, hardly dared to breathe. The room was filled with a different sort of energy. I felt it! It was good energy. Was this another trick? I kept my eyes closed.

“What happened here?” A soft voice said. “What happened in this room?”

The words took me by surprise, so did the gentle voice. I opened my eyes to see the tall dark man remove his hat revealing a mess of black curly hair and a face wrinkled with laugher lines.

Jeff stood up “Father Angelo,” he said “My prayers were answered, you came.”

“Don’t pretend you believe in God young man, I know you’re a doubter. We almost had you once. You’d have been happy in the church, but your doubts prevented you from staying.”

Jeff laughed. “I doubt, but I don’t disbelieve.”

ExorcismI sat up and looked at them both. “Can I get out of this circle now? Will I be safe?”

It didn’t take many steps for Father Angelo to cross the room to where I sat on the floor. He was well over six feet tall. He bent down and helped me to my feet. “You must be Lucy, its good to meet you. I see young Jeff still plays with runes and candles. Come, lets sit.”

Jeff’s face beamed with admiration and affection. He and the Father were obviously friends. I sensed a history. Although I was happy to have someone else here to help, I worried about putting another life in danger. Was my life worth risking that of these two good men. I doubted it.

Father Angelo produced two bottles of red wine from somewhere inside his huge coat, and while Jeff opened one he sat opposite me. He didn’t speak, but took my hands in his, closing his eyes. After a minute or so, he opened them again and looked around the room.

“When did your troubles start?” he asked.

“After the car crash, I almost died. I should have died, but a shape appeared above me, an angel.”

Jeff interrupted, “Father, it was a dark Angel.”

“Let her tell her story, go on Lucy, what happened next?”

“The Angel spared my life and allowed the truck driver to die. I think she killed my dad. She did something to Reverend Laybourn. I think she wants to kill me now.”

“When did you move into this apartment?” Father Angelo asked.

“A little over a year ago, a month before my accident.”

Father  Angelo took a big gulp of his wine and swirled it around in his mouth savoring it. He closed his eyes and swallowed. “I think your apartment is the problem. Something dark lives here and it wants to live through you, to possess you. I can feel it.

“How can you know such a thing? ” I asked, “you just got here.”

“I felt it as soon as I got out of my car, before I even entered the building.”

I remembered Reverend Laybourn and the look on his face as he lay in the road after being hit by a car. Maybe he felt it too. “What if I move? I’ll find somewhere else to live.”

Father Angelo laughed. “That won’t help you now. This has already gone too far. We have to deal with this and deal with it quickly before we lose you.”

Jeff sat next to me and put his arm around me. “We’ll get through this, be brave.”

I wasn’t so sure. The room was silent now, but I knew I wasn’t safe. Something evil lingered in a corner waiting for me. Waiting to seduce me into another world. It was clever and beguiling and I didn’t know how much longer I could fight it. I didn’t know how much longer I wanted to.

My first novel ‘Dead of July’ is currently available on Amazon and SmashWords.

Watch out for my short story ‘Fire and Darkness’ which will be released at the end of the year.

Dead of July – Amazon

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Halloween – not my kind of Ghost!

I write about ghosts, premonitions, weird unexplainable happenings, but I write about my life! My marketing friends tell me, “its your time of year, make the most of it, market your books. It’s Halloween, go for it.”

Yes I get it, but my spirits are with me all year-long, they don’t just jump out of the closet on Halloween. Life would be much easier for me if they did.

My visitors don’t jump up and go BOOO, they simply wander into the room and silently make their presence known.

So as Halloween approaches I sit here and ponder. Shall I promote my book because it’s a little scary? Why not?

Dead of July a great Halloween read, available on Amazon by clicking on the link to the left and Dead of July – Smashwords

BOOOO – I hope it scares you.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson